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Modern Classroom

Education Not Indoctrination

  • We must return to the basics of fundamental education

  • Reading, writing, math, social studies/history, grammar and handwriting

  • Financial literacy as a graduation requirement

  • Improved test scores for Wicomico County Schools

  • Students learning without political influence in the school system

No Mask Mandate


  • Personal choice - freedom to wear or not wear a mask

  • No punishment or segregation for that choice

Back to School with Mask

Vocational Studies, Industrial Arts & Drivers Ed

  • Driver's Ed needs to be incorporated into the budget and returned to the school system.  

  • Vocational studies and Industrial Arts need to be expanded.

  • Students should have the ability to earn a living upon graduation.


Curriculum Assessment

  • How is the current curriculum "steering" your child?

  • Assessment of curriculum to ensure accurate and age appropriate education

  • Fight for a change in curriculum if necessary


Improved Communication

  • COVID has decimated structure in our schools.

  • Parents, teachers and students need a consistent, dependable schedule.

  • Communication should be clear and timely

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Where is YOUR money going?

  • What is YOUR money being used for in the public school system?

  • Audit & evaluate the use of funds in the second largest budget in the State of Maryland.


Authority:  Citizens for Susan W. Beauchamp.  Rebecca L. Tittermary, Treasurer.

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